We offer a number of different services to help your business succeed. Our speciality is to optimize each aspect of your supply chain while linking the process through lean procedures. 

About Our Services


Taktion can help improve your business on a number of different levels. Our proven methods have delivered results in a variety of industries. Whether it’s helping execute a kaizen, drive a 5’s initiative, implement quick changeover, create standard work, or improve flow within your operation we have the tools to help. We will work with you to identify the largest area for improvement and help execute the improvement plans.

Office operations typically have even greater waste than in a manufacturing environment. These typically require a different approach. Learning to see is the first step in identifying office wastes. These often overlooked areas have been able to provide significant results to the bottom line.


We take a holistic approach to supply chain. As in any value stream, the customer defines the value and the supply chain is developed to support that value. The typical areas of focus are inventory, logistics, customer service, scheduling, purchasing, and the operation within the 4 walls. Ensuring all these processes are linked is quite a monumental task. Most of us are good at one or two of the focused areas. Within each handoff between processes there are gaps. These gaps create waste by either losing information or poorly communicating needs. Our approach is to integrate the processes as seamlessly as possible through a combination of approaches relying on technology where needed. As complexity increases, simplicity holds true.


Procurement is not just buying. Procurement is the execution of a purchasing strategy. We help create the best strategy for your business. This could be based on risk, cost, intellectual property, reliability, time, or a combination of the factors above. Not only can we develop a strategy for your organization, but we can either help implement or handle the execution. We specialize in helping small businesses handle the purchasing on their behalf. From developing the entire procurement strategy to executing some purchase orders on your behalf, our organization will help at any level needed. Other services include supplier consolidation, symposiums and supplier days, contract negotiation, and selection and auditing.

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