Taktion is a consultancy firm that helps maximize your business potential in any environment or industry. We work with firms in all sectors to achieve significant, sustainable advances in performance.

Businesses face challenges on all fronts. Shareholders want more profit, customers want better products and services, employees want a higher level of job satisfaction and the government wants you to follow their increasingly complex rules.


Our approach to lean is rooted in the Toyota production system. We take these philosophies and apply them to different aspects of your business. These philosophies can be applied to both tangible and service based businesses. Our goal is to streamline your operation increasing both profitability and value. Contact Taktion to let us show you new tools to improve your operations.


A robust, flexible and responsive supply chain is a significant competitive advantage for any business. We utilize our lean philosophy to extend past the 4 walls of your building to drive efficiency throughout your entire supply chain. Contact us to see how Taktion can help stream line your supply chain.


Procurement is just one aspect of your supply chain. A successful procurement strategy can make a dramatic difference in your bottom line. Is your company too small for a dedicated procurement individual? Taktion can help deliver results as if you had a dedicated resource for your procurement needs.

Why we often overlook standard work

In all of my lean journeys or implementations the use of standard work is often down played or overlooked. This relatively easy concept is very critical to ensure on-going success, quality processes, and continual improvement. Standard work contains four elements- Content, sequence, timing and outcome. It should define what steps are taken, when they are taken, how long each step will take and the...
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